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Algebra II  (Finish by December I hope. This is taking over a year. We’re using Math Without Borders for the istruction.)
Latin Alive II
Cornerstone I
Piano (She started this at 5 and is just beginning to like it. That is because she can actually read the music. It’s so much easier if your practices are consistent. She’s getting there.)
Spanish Learnables III (Starting this all over again. It’s sort of boring, but it is effective.)

I still have to finish ordering school supplies. I almost forgot.

Don’t forget:  Check out our curriculum store, and if you bought a book we’d appreciate an Amazon review.


 I have decided to put together all of the assignments that I will be passing out to my son’s lit and writing class this year. I am half way through the fall semester, but I need to get it all done. The sooner the better because I have to write lesson plans after that.

And I am afraid to add up the price for the books I’ve bought so far for the school year, but they are being dropped off every day. I know the UPS guy must think I’m a nut. Box after box after box.

Thankfully, I have most of my oldest son’s books but not all. That saved a lot.



I am finally getting it together.

Brookdale House

new storefront for classical homeschool curriculum

based on the teaching methods of Ms. Charlotte Mason




I’m teaching my son’s writing and literature class this fall. So I get the opportunity to use this curriculum again. I have seen some amazing writing results from my students that have used this curriculum.

I must preface that I don’t use it alone. I also add my own writing homework exercises that complement the series. My students need more writing instruction that the curriculum alone provides them. And these were good writers. But that’s not really a complaint because all young students need a writing teacher, so that is not necessarily a flaw in the program.

The program is excellent as is. It has the students write one essay every 3 weeks. Those essays provide excellent opportunities for the students to practice writing essays. They just need more writing overall to strengthen their writing in general, not just in essays.
 So I have my own exercises for that.

It’s amazing to watch children grow as writers. And better yet, it’s amazing when they enjoy it. I’m really looking forward to the fall.

Write from History Reviews

The Write from History Series and the other books we publish are new to Amazon, so there are no reviews there. However, for you folks who have purchased from us before, we’d love to have an honest review from you on AMAZON.

In the meantime, here are some reviews of our series:

Currclick has some reviews and ratings of our products.

Check out Rainbow Resource for a really in depth review.   

And there is a review at The Old Schoolhouse Magazine that discusses the old format of our Write from History Series.

See, initially our books were labeled as Classical Reading and Writing Copybooks. At the time, I though it made sense because the books incorporated reading with oral narrations and writing via copywork and dictation to build a strong foundation in writing for elementary students. Wrong! The title was too long and cumbersome. (My friends pointed that out with great humor 🙂

So I decided to modify them slightly and change the name. But the basic concept is somewhat the same, especially the good parts.

Those reviews are quite extensive, so I hope they answer any questions any of you searchers out there may have about the products.

And please, leave us some reviews. It will help others make up their minds. And feel free to be totally honest. We’d love the feedback.  In fact, I’d really appreciate it.


Crazy Expensive!

Crazy Expensive!

Buy curricula for 4 kids is expensive, but it’s so well worth it. And exciting!

For my 10th grader, I just purchased the cornerstone curriculum for year 1. Also purchased Chemistry material, Life of Fred Geometry as a summer reader, and Latin Alive 2. For math we have to finish Algebra 2 then go on to a per-calculus  curriculum next. Not sure. When I was in school, the term was Advanced Math, but I keep forgetting.

For my oldest son, I have hand me down Algebra, Biology,  Literature, and Latin to use. Nice!

For my middle son, I have to purchase Singapore Math, lit books, Latin materials, IEW Ancient History Based Writing Lessons, and some science. I love the Apologia Elementary Zoology books. I’m letting my 5th grader read those to supplement his science at co-op. IEW is now his main writing program, but he needs to write in history as well. So he’ll be doing Write from Ancient History Level 2 in cursive to add in more writing.

My youngest is in 3rd, he’ll be using Write from Ancient History Level 1 or Level 2. He’ll be starting Latin this year, and reading a lot in history and science. I’m also purchasing his Singapore math books for the year.

Interesting tidbit–I let the two younger boys decide what they want to do for math this year. They chose Singapore. I was a little surprised. It’s the hardest of the books we use–Spectrum, Horizons, and Singapore. I tend to mix it up depending upon how they’re doing in understanding new concepts. I have no qualms about switching curricula on them.