My last podiatrist suggested surgery, but I really felt that God didn’t want me to have surgery.  I determined not to do it.  Even when my husband’s supervisor was back to wearing his regular shoes–pain free–in just weeks and my sister-in-law’s best friend was back to running in no time.  I just knew surgery was not the answer for me.  So, for two years, I limped.  I felt frumpy in my odd shaped MBT’s.  I tried to dress ’em up.  I wore those shoes for two Christmas services and every sunday.  I put them on immediately when I woke up and I wore them until bedtime.  And they helped a ton!  Sometimes I could walk normal and not even limp, but not always.

Finally, I felt at peace about trying to get it fixed, not that I hadn’t before but I was trying natural methods.  Anyway, I called a Dr. in Austin and told him I was from out of town and wanted to have the cryosurgery procedure for my neuroma.  He told me no.  He told me to try alcohol injections first.  And if that didn’t work, then go see him.

So I found a Dr. near me that does alcohol injections, he had an opening the next morning.  I took it and prepared myself mentally for the torturous pain that these injections can cause.  These injections are essentially chemically induced surgery.

Anyway, to sum it up, he said my foot was overly flexing between the toes and that was causing the metatarsal heads to squeeze the nerve that ran through them.  He glued a metatarsal pad under my foot and told me to wear that for one week.  After it falls off, I’m to compare how my foot feels with and without the pad.

The neuroma pain is gone.  I can walk barefoot and with regular shoes.  It’s a miracle.

But I’m in a different kind of pain.  My back hurts and my foot hurts from walking with a limp for so long that my muscles are all weakened.  Now I have to wear my MBT’s just to keep the muscles in my foot from hurting.  But this is nothing compared to the repeated electrical shocks I was experiencing.

I can’t believe that a $10- $20 shoe insert was enough to take away the pain.

Now the neuroma is still there, but the cause of the neuroma is gone.  So I’m going to continue taking my systemic enzymes to try and dissolve the scar tissue that has built up around the nerve.  Hopefully it will completely go away.  But even if it doesn’t, I’m pain free.  And I can walk normally.

If I had had the surgery as my first podiatrist suggested, I would probably have suffered greater pain than the neuroma.  The surgery is notorious for causing more problems than it cures.

God has been so good to me.  I have to say that I feel so blessed right now.


69 responses to “A MORTON’S NEUROMA CURE

  1. I have read your article on the natural cure for Mortons Neuroma. Did you have alcohol injections or did you just do it with an insole.
    Do you find that driving is more painful than walking. I found my foot that was on the accelerator was just so painful.

  2. Hi Jo,

    I didn’t have the alcohol injections. This doctor said that neuromas are common and can be fixed most of the time without anything invasive. He said that occasionally he has had to do surgery or injections, but most often the inserts are enough.

    I was leery of the insert when he pulled out the pad. I told him that I had tried something similar with my previous doctor, but it was pear shaped. It only caused me more pain.

    He said that in his experience the pear shaped ones tended to cause more pain.

    Since my neuroma is between toes 3 and 4, the metatarsal pad was placed under toes 2, 3, 4, and 5. Nothing under the big toe.

    Earlier this week he did an ultrasound and my neuroma didn’t show up, although my toes are spread apart. According to him, in order to show up on an ultrasound it has to be 3mm or larger. Evidently mine is less than 3 mm. But that does not mean it doesnt hurt.

    Since I am moving, he did not make me a permanent insert. Today I went to Walmart and bought me a bottom of the foot Foot Cushion for about 4.00. I cut it about 1.5 inches high by 2.5 inches wide and stuck it inside my shoe. I placed it so that the insert is just below the head of the metatarsal bones. If it touches the knuckles of the foot (I just made that up) I think it would put pressure on the nueroma and cause pain. At the moment, I am pain free, except for the muscles in my foot.

    Walking did not hurt so much because I wore MBTs. Driving never hurt because my neuroma is between toes 3 and 4.

    If you can find a podiatrist that can examine your foot to determine why you have the neuroma in the first place, you might be able to fix it.

    For me, my foot roles from toe 5 to 1–the little toe to the big. So the little toes were taking too much impact and being squeezed too much. It wasnt tight shoes. I have known for years that this is how I wear out my sheos, but I didnt know that this was the cause of my neuroma. This doctor knew what he was doing.

    I hope you are able to find a solution. Neuromas are no fun at all. They are paralyzing.

    And by the way, I think mine is so small in size after 2 years of pain because I took serrapeptase. It is a systemic enzyme that eats away scar tissue, which is what a neuroma is.

  3. Thanks so much for such a quick reply. I have had a scan which shows a neuroma but the consultant seems to vary the treatment, I have had several cortisone injections but it is of no help. I find my three smaller toes are numb, but if this makes sense painfully numb. My foot bothers me when I am in bed and driving. When my foot is in an upright position. None of the sympoms are typical I know.My second toe is going over towards my big toe and causing problems. What is the medication you mention and where can I buy it. Many Thanks Jo

  4. Hi Jo,

    I take systemic enzymes. The major one is serrepeptase. (I think I spelled that correctly) One of the companies I purchase from is http://www.zymessence.com/ created by Dr. Wong. But his product, as I understand it, is a full body systemic enzyme.

    Enzymes eat away at scar tissue by dissolving protein that does not belong in the body. Scar tissue is, as I understand it, made of protein that doesn’t belong there. These proteolytic (protein eating) enzymes have other benefits as well. They eat away viruses and bacteria (basically any foreign bodies made of protein) and help prevent illness. They must be taken on an empty stomach.

    I took these for a long time. It really got expensive. I believe that the only reason they didn’t cure the neuroma is because the cause of my neuroma is the way my foot struck the ground. The enzymes did dissolve the scar tissue, but I was continually re-injuring my foot preventing the neuroma from disappearing. That’s my theory anyway.

    The strongest component of the zymessence product I linked to is the serrepeptase. To help my neuroma I also purchased pure serrepeptase from this guy. http://www.serrapeptase.info/content.asp?page=Home

    If you contact the second website via their contact page, you’ll be contacted back.

    Hope this makes sense. And good luck,


  5. I am about to try the Serrapeptase as I have read great things about it. I have had the Morton’s neuroma for almost a year now. I have tried cortisone shots twice, acupuncture, chiropractic. Nothing really helped. Although my chiropractor did find that my foot and toes all need adjustment on the morton’s neuroma foot, whereas my other foot is fine. What we don’t know, is whether its going out of alignment from my favoring it and stride, or if the alignment is what is causing the MN. I had professional orthotics made for my shoes. GREAT thing to do. I did find that my feet pronate alot! And that could have caused it along with back pain. So I am hopefully working on the cause. (We took out the neuroma bump in the orthotic as it caused more pain) Now I am going to try the serrapeptase. The Doctor on the website has given me the proper dosage. I am crossing my fingers and hopefully uncrossing my toes that it will get rid of the pain! I know any of you with this problem understands the frustration in both living with it and trying to find answers for it! I will let you know how it works!

  6. Very surprised to just get an e mail as I had the op 4 weeks ago. I have been under 3 eminent foot specialists. Their main treatment was steroid injections!! I discussed alcohol injections which did not seem to be the route to go. I went to yet another consultant and he could not believe how long I had been seeing “specialists” He said he did not need scans or x rays, the only treatment was an op. He did the op and said it was the largest neuroma he had seen and it was in two pieces. It had grown down from between my 3rd and 4th toes and was growing along the bottom of my foot. He had to pare it away as it had travelled so far. So far I am ok still a bit sore but have not taken pain killers for 3 weeks,
    My second toe was crossing over my big toe and he said that was caused by steroid injections causing the ligaments to loosen on the side nearest to the neuroma, the other side stayed strong causing my toe to drift over! What a total waste of time the steroid injections were and thet just allowed the neuroma to grow and grow.
    I will be back in the gym asap. Hope this helps Jo

    • Hi jo Your info was very enlightening. I am concerned as I have 2 Neauromas on one foot and my specialist only really wants to remove one.
      I would prefer to do the pain and have both removed. Not happy with this specialist and am now seeking a second opinion. They are very painful especially when working which standing all day doesn’t help. Who was your specialist?

  7. Hi Jo,

    Thanks for the update. I sure would love to hear how it goes once you heal. WOW, yours was big! I have stopped the cortisone injections and am trying some holistic measures. I actually just got those Chung Shi shoes and when I wear them I have no pain! They role the step and stop before it hits my toe region. Amazing relief. So I am hoping with the herbs and some relief from the pressure it could go away. I may be dreaming…but I am a dreamer! I look forward to updates on your healing! Good luck!!!

  8. Have sent you an e mail but in case it goes astray I am repeating myself. Good luck but I have struggled for years and I am hopeful the op works as I say it had travelled along the inside of my foot. Steroid injections are useless and cause more damage. I am going back to Gym in 2 weeks ao I am confident it will be fine. I am back in my normal shoes and the op was only on 4th Dec. Have a good Christmas. Jo

  9. Thanks Jo! So great to be in real shoes again and back to the gym! Congrats! Merry Christmas..it will be a great one for you! Shauna

  10. I promise to keep you updated on my progress. Incidentally the cut is not noticeable about one and a half inches on top of my foot. Are you in England or USA? Jo

  11. oh THAT is great to hear! I always wondered what it would look like…the savr. I am in Los Angeles

  12. oops the scar..

  13. I am in England where we are having the worst snow storms for 100 years. I guess you are bathed in sunshine. I was in Los Angeles a few years ago. I have been to USA about 15 times and am going again in March. I was in line outside the White House on 9/11 when the alarm came to say the last hijacked plane was heading for it!! Not good but the American people were so kind to us in the 6 days we were delayed there. Good Luck with your foot but do not be scared of the op. My scar has almost disappeared already. Nothing can be as tiresome as the pain from Mortons Neuroma and it will keep growing and spreading. Jo

  14. Are the Chung Shi shoes any different from the MBT’s. I have tried everything, including surgery 2 years ago. Nothing helps and I don’t want to do another surgery. MBT’s hurt me worse, as did the professional orthotics. Now trying the enzyme you talk about with a money back guarantee. So far just over one week, and no relief at all from pain. I am at wits end.

  15. Is serrapaptese as good as it is advertised to be. Incidentally my foot remains fine. Touch wood. The op was the answer.

  16. Well, so much has taken place since I wrote last. I am actually building my own website about this huge process. I will let you know when it is done. Bottom line…I had the surgery in Feb. And I am so happy! I had a lot of bruising from it and my recovery had some glitches as scar tissue build up runs in my family. But I have no more neuroma pain. The pain I have just needs massaging a few times a day until I can break down the scar tissue. I did some PT also on it at first. I had the surgery because I had a huge trip coming up to the Mediterranean and I needed to be able to walk A LOT! I just came back with the best news ever. I walked on the average of 7 to 10 hours a day PAIN FREE! The most I had was BOTH aching feet from being exhausted and getting my feet used to this much exercise again. I am so thankful I had the surgery. I tell people…find a good doctor who is up on all the new techniques. I told mine about the website, so he took pictures during surgery! I am glad you wrote because I forgot about the seraptase. I will start it again. It did not work before the surgery. But maybe it will help the final stage of my recovery…scar tissue. My website will be up soon and I will let you know. Would love your input!!! You are a fellow MN voice. Take care over there in London!

    • Hello,
      I am coming into this thread pretty late, but found your blog Jo as I have Morton’s Neuroma and am having trouble walking. I see that Shauna lives in Los Angeles and has had the surgery. Shauna, I also live in L.A. and would like to know about your website and what physician did your surgery.
      Hopefully, you will see this message and be able to respond. Jo, if you know Shauna’s website, please let me know. Thanks so much! Tina

      • I have posted a further comment lower Tina. I would not hesitate to have the op. Forget the steroid injections they do more harm than good. If you have a neuroma the best place for it to be is out and in a dish!!!

  17. Had surgery for 2 mortons neromas in same foot 2 1/2 yrs ago, also a pin in my ankle as I pronate bad. No success , as of now I have a stump neroma in the bottom of my foot which is even worse.He removed the pin as it was radiating pain up the side of my leg. I’ve had corticne injections ,alcohol injections also cro shot . Nothing has helped . Wish I would not have had anything do as the pain is even worse now. Be side that I can hadley exericies . As I need to be on my feet for most any kind.Any help would be great.

  18. I have a MN, undiagnosed, and have had it for a couple years. Only recently learned about Serrapeptase and have been using it since October but not getting any relief. Sometimes the burning and electric shocks on my fourth toe goes on for 8 hours — I can’t sleep or read or anything. Have tried Acupuncture and massage, a cortisone shot made it worse and a topical creme the dr. gave me did nothing. I won’t have surgery having read the horror stories on the net. How much Serrapeptase and for how long? My feet are already numb and have been for years. I read it was tied into the gallbladder meridian in chinese medicine but don’t know what good that does. Dr.’s are idiots and only help I get is ice water soaks and topical lidocaine. Anyone know of a homeopathic remedy or a homeopathic dr. who had had success? Thanks for all the comments, it helps to know we aren’t alone.

  19. As I have already said I had treatment over 3 years and had the pain longer. Finally saw surgeon who operated .Hardly any scar, it is cut from in between toe to top of foot, about 1″ long. He said he had to pare it from the inside of the ball of my foot it was so large. Pain free now slight numbness on little toe and one next to it but no problem. I would advise anyone to have the op. Jo Higham

  20. Hi, yes, I’ve what’s to believed a Morton’s Neuroma, had(have!) orthodics, had 2 cortison shots and I’m still in pain and afreid to be on my feet. I’m not able to wear dress shoes and I’m not confident in engaging in an active life style that involves being on my feet(?). Jo Higham, did you ever mention that Dr.’s name? the one that glud the pad under your foot first?

  21. I’m sorry, I think it was Kimberly Garcia the one I was refering to, correct?
    OK, Kimberly, I’m sorry, or anybody that knows about those Dr.s.

  22. Hi,

    I’ve since moved from this area and no longer see him, but the doctor I saw was Dr. Rockett.

    Matthew S. Rockett, DPM, FACFAS of Bay Area Podiatrists.

    Because he taped that pad to my foot, I was able to continue doing the same thing for about 9 months to a year. After that, because the pad prevented the constant re-injuring of that nerve, the nerve snapped back into it’s original location.

    I now have problems in my hip from limping for so long, but because of Dr. Rockett my feet no longer hurt.

  23. You say the nerve snapped back into place? A Mortons neuroma is a growth on the metatarsal nerve which grows as it is left. A nerve does not just snap back into place as it has a huge neuroma attached to it. The only way to get it better is to remove the neuroma. I know because I have undergone treatment of injections, exercise, different types of insoles, they do not work I can assure you surgery is the only answer, the surgery is preferable to the misery of the neuroma. You are wasting your time and money by trying alternative treatments.

  24. Has anyone heard of this procedure called MIND – Minimally Invasive Nerve Decompression? My podiatrist thinks it might help and has done several with great results. Anyone else care to comment?

  25. what helps me a bit is to make a hole in the insole right under the neuroma – something to try….also trying serrapeptise for three weeks now, not sure if I see any difference so far. how long does it usually take to see the effect of serrapeptase?

  26. We are trying serrapeptase as well 4 weeks now..no results….

  27. I have been seeing a sports medicine doctor for my morton’s neuroma, and he does ultrasound treatments that are supposed to break down scar tissue. I haven’t had much relief because I haven’t given up working out, although I noticed that when I went for treatment more frequently, I felt better. I am going to try pilates or something that doesn’t put preasure on my foot and get my treatments every week for a while. Then I will go back to every two weeks. Every three weeks doesn’t work for me. I start to feel pain. Fortunately I don’t think my neuroma is as bad as some that I have heard of. I don’t have constant pain unless I work out too much and don’t see my doctor enough for the ultrasound treatments.

  28. i have a nueroma, i have always had a slight pain in my feet on occasion when i put weight on the ball, but it would always go away the next day, never thought much of it and just refrained from wearing heels. recently i had a bad fall and crunched all the bones in my foot, couldn’t walk for a few weeks, im accident prone and just waited for it to heal. then i noticed a similar pain to what i had before but only in the previously injured food, it sends pain all up my body when ever i accidently put weight on it. ultra sounds confirmed it is a nueroma. doctor says i need injections, i have a morbid needle phobia, if it were a regular needle i may be able to psyche myself up for it but multiple needs into the nerve….. i honestly cant face that, not to mention it is way out of my price range, I would have to get a loan out and be in debt to do it.

    i have been really depressed from all this, i am having to walk all crooked to avoid putting weight on that spot and as a resolt my knee, hip and ankle are all sore and out of wack. its like ‘here pay me hundreds of dollars for me to inflict terrible pain on you’ idk, maybe im being a baby but i so dont wanna go into debt to do something that is making me have anxiety attacks just thinking about.

    i have heard that massage and such can help but the GP said that nothing will make it go away except injections or surgery. i have also read that surgery normally results in loss of feeling in the toes.

    surely there has to be cures, or at the least treatments that will reduce it that dont require such drastic measures.

    im going to look into Serrapeptase and i try to massage my foot as often as possible. also maybe some kind of shoe insert option. im 99% sure the cause was a result of that fall i had and there was lasting nerve damage that lead to this. i need to call the specialist and make an appointment, its just so expensive and hard to get to that i haven’t done it yet :/

    thanx for listing all your experiences, i am making a list of possible options to discuss with the doctor.

    • I have written to this site looking for a cure for my pain — latest news from my myriad doctors is that mine is an inflamed nerve limited to just the second joint of my 4th toe. So, therefore, NOT a mortons neuroma. But they still offer little help -“I’ve never seen a case such as this.” and “You should try a drug first.” and severing the nerve is apparently something they are loathe to do although I would do it in an instant as the burning pain keeps my foot in a bucket of ice water for 8-12 hours a day!!. But for those of you who have MN –look into this MIND procedure – Minimally Invasive Nerve Decompression. There is a study done by a Dr. Mark Zelent that held lots of promise. And as a proponent of homeopathy, I would certainly try that. I have had some success with certain remedies: Thallium, Plumbum and Causticum. Good luck!

      • http://serrapeptase.info/pain-overview/morton%E2%80%99s-neuroma/mortons-neuroma/
        this site is pretty helpful. i am filled with hope. i rang the specialist, wouldn’t get an appointment till next year and its very expensive even to see him, surgery would be thousands of dollars so that’s a definite no now. But robert redfern (from the above website) has been very helpful and responded to all my questions.

        seeing a podiatrist soon to talk about options to help reduce foot pain, i get other pains apart from the nueroma too so i may as well get checked out by a foot doctor.

  29. also im finding that i am gaining weight since i cant put weight on my foot, so walking/running is off the table.

  30. Diagnosed with MN fall 2011. Have had 3 cortisone injections not getting any ore, wear shoes with wide toebox, wear orthotics, icing feet, use cold water/hot water soaks. Has the serapeptase helped anyone? I’m looking into sclerosis (alcohol injections), can’t find local DPM to do cryotherapy (I live in southwest WA state). Other than surgery anything really helped? I hear the surgeries are only 80 percent successful, anyone know what happens to the 20 percent for whom it doesn’t work? Is it worth the risk for surgery? Thanks in advance!

  31. surgery has a huge risk/likely hood of loosing feeling in toes and cortisone injections can cause a stump nueroma which is worse. like 80% of ppl that try serrapeptase find relief but unfortunately i didnt, seeing a physio atm that is gonna try manipulating the area and im also seeing a podiatrist for help, looking at ultra sound therapy but the physio thinks i should have some sessions with him first.

  32. This topic is never ending. I know what I am talking about and have tried lots of treatments. You get a good surgeon who knows what he is doing and get it removed. No loss of feeling, none of the complications listed by various people, just a foot returned to normal and the surgeon said mine was the largest he had ever removed. The only damage was previous steroid injections which weakened ligaments on one side of my toe causing my 2 nd toe to curve in towards my big toe. That would not have happened if I had not had the injections.
    Someone says God did not want her to have an op!!!!!! To be honest that is such a ridiculous thing to say and I am a RC who believes in God.
    My advice is have surgery and I speak from a lot of experience. Good Luck in finding the right surgeon.

    • Not every surgeon is a good surgeon, and how exactly does one find one? I didn’t want to have the surgery and I didn’t feel God wanted me to have the surgery; however that is different than God told me not to have the surgery. I never felt that God would not approve, if I did go through with the surgery. My personal situation, though, was that I had little children to take care and didn’t feel that I needed to go under until I had exhausted every possible avenue of a natural cure. I believed that God would eventually heal my foot through natural means. I don’t think that Christians should avoid medicine or science. (I have a pre-med/engineering degree.) I realize this would be a play on words to some, but it is a distinction that I see clearly. Not having the surgery was my choice. I personally have read many horror stories about the surgery, and I know someone personally that had the surgery and has numb toes now. I, on the other hand, have full pain free use of both of my feet. And someone’s faith is never ridiculous.

      • I really do not think God has anything to do with having an op. If he did not want surgeons to operate he would not have created them or made it possible to remove the neuroma.

  33. I’m on my forth week of serrapeptase …. Still no results on my MN …. But I’m keen to keep trying
    Will keep you posted
    How’s everyone else doing with their serrapeptase treatments going ????

  34. daniele DiCampli

    I found out I have a neuroma on my left foot a couple weeks ago, had an injection, the pain went away but I was left with a disconfort like something was in my shoe. went back to my foot doctor and recomended another injection since the first one worked. well that was a big mistake as my foot
    is worse now since that last injection, I have problem waling now and my
    husband and I are strictly Ballroom dancers and we have not been able
    to dance ever since this started !! we have been cancelling all our social
    outings and I am becoming depressed. the doctor said surgery would be the next step but I am not sure what to do, I am afraid, I had a knee surgery last year that did not go has planned and it took forever to recover. I don’t
    know that I want to be on crutches again for weeks but I sure would love to solve this problem, I just want my life back and able to dance again. any help would be appreciated. thanks. Daniele.

  35. After reading everyone’s experiences, I feel more dejected than ever. Being a golfer, the pain limits my abilities immensely. My question is what is the recovery time from the operation?


  36. Jo, who performed your surgery–a podiatrist or an orthopedic surgeon? After reading everyone’s comments–especially yours, I think I’m going the surgical route. Thanks.

    • I am in England. A surgeon called Simon Platt who is based near Liverpool. A podiatrist could not do it as it involves a General anaesthetic. I would not hesitate to have the op as whilst you are delaying nerve damage will occur. Good Luck

      • a mortons nueroma IS nerve damage.

      • M/s Wyld. A mortons neuroma is a growth growing on a nerve running along side the metatarsol bone. It continues to grow, as in my case it ran all along the inside of the ball of my foot. The longer it is there the more damage will occur and result in numbness. I did not join this panel to have sarcastic comments written by you. My aim was to help other sufferers.I find your comment offensive and totall unhelpful. I presume you are an expert on the subject and have had surgery yourself.

      • I’m not being sarcastic at all. that’s how my doctors explained it to me. sarcasm doesn’t work in text form so I don’t do it.

      • You win my dear, I cannot be bothered with people who try to be clever when they have no idea what they are talking about. You have not had surgery, obviously money is a problem and your weight.. You are not only sarcastic you are bordering on being a nasty know all. I will not be replying to anything you have to say. Good Luck with your pills!!!!!

  37. what the heck? I am the one being attacked here. no I haven’t had surgery yet as I have spoken to my doctors and we are trying other things first as to remove a part of the nerve often leaves you with permanently numb toes. I’m trying treatment with a TENS machine and in a year if that isn’t working I will reassess my options. I’m absolutely shocked at the hostility here. I have had some good interactions here until now. the whole reason I joined this discussion is because it was about ALTERNATIVES to surgery so I don’t see how trying other methods is to be mocked.

    • I had surgery and it didn’t help at all. My foot is worse than ever. However, I had so many alcohol shots to my foot before surgery that caused scar tissue which didn’t help. I will never have surgery again. It may work for some people, but it definitely does not work for everyone. I am now trying massage and Serrapeptase.

  38. Hello to all; this site has been most informative to me. It’s a pity that the last posts became very nasty. My thought when I came to the end of them was thank you God for leading me to this site and how helpful the Internet can be.

    I have a Morton’s Neuroma on my right foot, diaognosed about one year ago. I have had three cortisone injections – all of which helped for approximately one-two months and then the pain returned. My orthopedic specialist (surgeon) has said that my options are live with the pain, have cryotherapy or have conventional surgery. The first option was out since this condition severely constricts my living. The specialist attending to me would do the conventional surgery but has recommended cryotherapy since he says it’s less invasive. I’m moving forward to do this, but it’s costly since I have to travel to the US for the procedure. I came to the site looking for some natural relief in the meanwhile since I don’t anticipate that the cryo would be schedule for about another month and I am in great pain.

    From all I’ve read here, and extensively at other sites, neither the cryo nor the conventional surgery is guaranteed. I’ve read in several places that in some instances the conventional surgery has worked well, while in other instances a stump neuroma eventually results. Even the cryotheraphy sites state that one might have to have the procedure repeated. I guess this is simply the risk that one must take in attempting a cure.

    The compelling reason for writing, is that upon reading what Kimberly said about taping the metatarsal pad to her foot, I immediately got up and did so and immediately got a cushioning and relief! I am very grateful! I’ve had these pads for some time, but placed inside my shoe, they gave only minimal relief. Taping the pad to my foot works wonders for relief.

    • Thank you for taking the time to post your experience. When I was suffering in pain, I often found that people posted their problems but very few posted their solutions. My goal in posting my experience was not to dissuade anyone from having surgery but to try and help people by sharing my experience. I am so very glad that my information was of some help to you.

    • HiPatricia. If you’re still around how exactly did you tape those pads I see that kimberly posted a link to the pads she used. Are you using the same? I’ll read on in case these questions are answered Thanks! I hope your MN continues to get better. Lily

  39. I will be sure to post about my results with the TENS machine after I have used it for about a month.

  40. I’m pleased to have found this site. My MN severely limits what I can do and I find it most depressing. I’ve thrown out all my good shoes that are not wide enough, but limited now to horrible shoes so I don’t go anywhere that requires me to dress up a little. I can walk for about 5 – 6 mns before the pain kicks in. I’ve just ordered some inner soles (about my 3rd different try) and will now look into the metatarsal pad idea. I also ordered some serrapeptase today – worth a try. I’m having acupuncture and osteopathy. and I have reflexology which does give a little temporary relief. I can’t risk surgery as not only do I live alone, but I’m also the sole carer for my 92 year old Dad, so I cannot be immobile or unable to drive for any length of time. Clearly what works for one person may not work for another, but thanks for a couple of new ideas here – I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

  41. I also have Morton’s Neuroma and in BOTH feet no less! I have had this since January 2012 after taking a misstep from a ladder. The treatments so far include hydrotherapy (no results), massage (same), TENS (no results),and custom orthotics (somewhat helpful. I could only be up 15 minutes then have to sit down because of the pain. I decided there must be other alternatives as the Podiatrist and Orthopedic surgeon I saw told me that the surgery had only 70% positive results. I currently take the Serrapeptase and see a Orthipedist who administers Laser IV treatments. This is a high powered laser that penetrates the skin and breaks up the scar tissue resulting from the Neuroma. My pain has diminished a great deal on a scale from 10 to a 3. I am continuing the laser a few more times as well as the Serrapeptase and believe it will correct the problem.

  42. Hi,

    I have two neuromas on right foot and new one on my left, an MRI discovered the left. I am interested to know what kind of a metatarsal pad you used, other than the pear-shaped ? I have recently managed after five months of torture, to buy birkenstock sport insoles on which I have glued a pear shaped pad and put them in my trainers. It seems to be the only thing that I can wear and walk. I was wearing birkenstock sandals all summer long but now as it is winter I had to find a solution, and also it seems more than birkenstock is needed for this thing to go away.

    I look forward to hearing from you.

  43. thank you so much Kimberly!

    Another thing I went and tried on today are the new Ari MBTs women, they seem to be the only shoe I have tried on, apart from Birkenstocks, that I can walk in. I am definitely going to try these pads now.

  44. the tens machine helps a bit, i also got some shoe inserts. havent stepped on the nueroma since getting them but they are a bit awkward. its an ok for now treatment and i can re-asses down the track.

  45. You have been discussing this for over 3 yrs!! I had the op and have been pain free all the years whilst you have discussed it. Maybe we are lucky we have good health services here that you obviously do not have.

  46. im on a waiting list for surgery now. i wanted to try everything else before i opted for surgery. unfortunately it seems my last resort. im hoping it is successful and without the common side effects.

  47. I have MN in both feet. I have had all the injections I can stand, both cortisone and alcohol. I have had custom and over the counter orthotics, used the pads in my shoes and had surgery twice with quite a bit of loss of feeling. The last surgery was in October of 2012. I find myself here looking for any idea because they are back. I am starting to believe that this is something that I am just going to have to suffer with. If you don’t feel comfortable having the surgery, don’t do it. It hasn’t worked for me, twice. The only positive thing I have to say about the surgery is that it was fairly painless both times. Guess that’s what happens when you take out the nerves.

    No matter what you do, we are all here looking for a solution to our painful problem. Lets support each other, not butt heads!!! Good luck with each of your situations. I hope we all find relief soon.

  48. Hi,
    Well, sorry to say that surgery is not the whole answer. I had a MN removed 11 years ago in top London hospital. It worked well for several years but now the pain has started to recur, often worse. I am waiting for medical appointments but the general view is a’ stump neuroma’ (which can occur after surgery) can be worse than the original neuroma to treat. My advice is do as much research as possible. I found most doctors were limited in their thinking and solutions and had no interest in how/why the MN started. I wonder if the way I walk (overpronation) is developing the MN as I have had also plantar fasciitis several times, despite wearing only flat, wide cushioned shoes the last 5 years.

  49. I had been taking Eleutherococcus for around six months which was prescribed by a qualified herbalist PHD for exam stress, when I started to get tingling and then burning of my feet. Instead of taking me off the herb he increased it and my symptoms got worse. I was taking it for over a year, when I stopped taking it under advice of a Herbalist from another University the damage was done. Even after one successful operation I still have 2 neuromas in one foot and 1 left in the other. I have had to stop studying for my degree, I can no longer walk and I am in constant pain. No herbs can help me now!

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