Crazy Expensive!

Crazy Expensive!

Buy curricula for 4 kids is expensive, but it’s so well worth it. And exciting!

For my 10th grader, I just purchased the cornerstone curriculum for year 1. Also purchased Chemistry material, Life of Fred Geometry as a summer reader, and Latin Alive 2. For math we have to finish Algebra 2 then go on to a per-calculus  curriculum next. Not sure. When I was in school, the term was Advanced Math, but I keep forgetting.

For my oldest son, I have hand me down Algebra, Biology,  Literature, and Latin to use. Nice!

For my middle son, I have to purchase Singapore Math, lit books, Latin materials, IEW Ancient History Based Writing Lessons, and some science. I love the Apologia Elementary Zoology books. I’m letting my 5th grader read those to supplement his science at co-op. IEW is now his main writing program, but he needs to write in history as well. So he’ll be doing Write from Ancient History Level 2 in cursive to add in more writing.

My youngest is in 3rd, he’ll be using Write from Ancient History Level 1 or Level 2. He’ll be starting Latin this year, and reading a lot in history and science. I’m also purchasing his Singapore math books for the year.

Interesting tidbit–I let the two younger boys decide what they want to do for math this year. They chose Singapore. I was a little surprised. It’s the hardest of the books we use–Spectrum, Horizons, and Singapore. I tend to mix it up depending upon how they’re doing in understanding new concepts. I have no qualms about switching curricula on them.


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