I’m teaching my son’s writing and literature class this fall. So I get the opportunity to use this curriculum again. I have seen some amazing writing results from my students that have used this curriculum.

I must preface that I don’t use it alone. I also add my own writing homework exercises that complement the series. My students need more writing instruction that the curriculum alone provides them. And these were good writers. But that’s not really a complaint because all young students need a writing teacher, so that is not necessarily a flaw in the program.

The program is excellent as is. It has the students write one essay every 3 weeks. Those essays provide excellent opportunities for the students to practice writing essays. They just need more writing overall to strengthen their writing in general, not just in essays.
 So I have my own exercises for that.

It’s amazing to watch children grow as writers. And better yet, it’s amazing when they enjoy it. I’m really looking forward to the fall.


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