Write from History Reviews

The Write from History Series and the other books we publish are new to Amazon, so there are no reviews there. However, for you folks who have purchased from us before, we’d love to have an honest review from you on AMAZON.

In the meantime, here are some reviews of our series:

Currclick has some reviews and ratings of our products.

Check out Rainbow Resource for a really in depth review.   

And there is a review at The Old Schoolhouse Magazine that discusses the old format of our Write from History Series.

See, initially our books were labeled as Classical Reading and Writing Copybooks. At the time, I though it made sense because the books incorporated reading with oral narrations and writing via copywork and dictation to build a strong foundation in writing for elementary students. Wrong! The title was too long and cumbersome. (My friends pointed that out with great humor 🙂

So I decided to modify them slightly and change the name. But the basic concept is somewhat the same, especially the good parts.

Those reviews are quite extensive, so I hope they answer any questions any of you searchers out there may have about the products.

And please, leave us some reviews. It will help others make up their minds. And feel free to be totally honest. We’d love the feedback.  In fact, I’d really appreciate it.



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